'The Hermitage' branding
The  word ‘Hermitage’ is originated from a French word ‘Hermite’, meaning “Hermit”, a person who lives alone, far from society. ‘Dun-Chon’ (둔촌), the name of the area itself means a ‘city of isolated people’, which has more than 60 years of history. Reflecting the historical value of the place, a new luxurious residential complex will be completed with the name, ‘D’Hermitage’. The name is distinguished from the ‘Hermitage Museum’ in Russia, by replacing ’The’ with ‘D’, which is read in the same way, but has a unique value of the ‘Dun-chun’ area.
The logo is designed to be read simply, as well as retaining a luxurious brand quality of a brand new residential. It can be perceived as double diamond shapes, but also as two surfaces creating a three-dimensional space. 
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